Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting to the Core of Communication.

This post is dedicated to Patty Cassidy, who made me a believer to the core!

A quick post so I can throw up a couple of screen shots of my current Proloquo2Go project.  As you may know I love my iPad! I recently responded to a post on the P2G website about using a core words type of set up with P2G but couldn’t attach a picture. So I said I would write a blog post about some of the work I had been doing with a preschool student and the iPad as an AAC device.  There are lengthy discussions to be had about the iPad and P2G or any of the other communication programs as AAC devices, but for the sake of this post let’s just say, that proper and ongoing evaluation, a team approach, and a realistic look at the many, many intricate factors of language, communication, social development, and more are all vital.  First and foremost however is that people can COMMUNICATE!!
I am a big believer in the use of core words and in teaching AAC users how to wring the maximum amount of conversation and information out of the minimum of real estate and symbols.  For some excellent resources check out: Great article about core words   Great intro to Core Words, designed for the Unity System used by PRC devices, but great ideas that can be modified to be used with any system.  The handouts section from Gail Van Tatenhove’s site. 
So, now that you have read all of these resources, and learned about core words, here is what I have done with P2G.  Look at each board and try to figure out how many sentences you can make without even leaving the board.  The number goes up exponentially by branching to one of the categories and coming right back to the main board.  What are some of the sentences you made?
The main board that P2G opens to.
   I like it.  I like you.  I want it.  I want go.  Do you want it? Do you like it?  Do you get it?  I get it.  You get it.  Go get it.  Go see.  Go see it.  It. Not It. Do it. Stop It.  Do it again.  Shall I go on?

The Aquarium board, under places. 
The Play Doh board, under "play."
I see a turtle.  I see crab.  I see jellyfish.  Fish swim.  Penguins don't swim.  Sharks eat fish.

I want Play doh.  You cut Play Doh.  I squish it. Don't squish it.  Make it thick.  Make it again. Roll it again.  Don't do it.  etc.


  1. very clever, great for younger kids. I have done some screenshots on my blog here is link.

    I also did a comparison between P2G on iPad and a dedicated device (Lightwriter SL40) which you may find interesting.

  2. Uh, my dear friend....Penguins DO swim. LOL

    But I love this idea. I will share it with my crew. Maybe we can get a grant for a few iPads....Lovin' it.