Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

One of my favorite things about the iPad is that it brings a whole new world of “age appropriate” leisure activities to people with more significant disabilities.  There are many conversations to be had around “age-appropriate” and what it means, but this is one tool that can help put that conversation to rest for at least a little while. The iPad is appropriate for a wide variety of ages, and thanks to the wide world of wonderful programmers and their interest in everything from farts to classical music, there are a large number great cause and effect apps out there for folks with significant disabilities.  (Most programmers probably had no idea we’d hijack their apps for this use, but I thank them any way!)

So without further ado some of my favorites!

Big Button Box (Pro, HD, etc)$.99-$2.99
Category- Lifestyle
for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Love this!!  Some may find a few of the sounds inappropriate depending on the age group but my son (turning 23 this weekend) and one of my teenage clients love it!  I am using the iPhone/iPod version on my iPad and it works fine although every once in a while the 1x button does get hit shrinking the App.  I’m not sure it’s worth the extra $2 to upgrade to the HD version but maybe next paycheck!  You can set it up to play one sound at a time or several.  I prefer one at a time and it is like having a whole bunch of “BIGmacks” programmed with really cools sounds!  

Balls $1.99
Category- Music
for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Turn it on and it responds to iPad movement and even more dramatically when you simply touch your fingers randomly to the screen.  The faster you move the faster the music!

Doodle Buddy $.00-$.99
Category- Lifestyle
for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Easy, kid-friendly drawing program, very similar to the all-time favorite Kid Pix.  Great sound effects, large tool bars, and minimal distractions.


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