Monday, July 20, 2009

What a Bargin!

Guess what, another post about, shopping!! I have been driving by the W.B. Mason Warehouse in South Boston for ages and the other day, purely on a whim drove in, groceries in the car, company coming, a great time for impulse shopping! I wasn't sure if they had office supplies, but the sign said they did, so I just wanted a quick look to see what they had! BONANZA!!!! Print cartridges, binders, desk supplies, all sorts of cool stuff. I bought a dozen small 3 ring binders, great for communication books (8 1/2" by 5 " I think) for 75 cents each! I bought 2 packs of clear ink jet printable window paper for a dollar each, a cartridge for my label maker ( I make my own Zoom caps) for a dollar, and wait for it.... a $300 HP wide format printer open box, but completely wrapped still for $40. I told the lovely folks at the desk I was going to keep this my little secret, but they insisted that it was better for all if I spread the word! So, for all 9 of you that read this and live in the New England area, there are bargain outlets that have supplies in South Boston and New Jersey!

Happy Shopping!

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