Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kickin' AT Old Skool!

While doing retail therapy the other day, I came across these gadgets in the tools aisle at MicroCenter. (The geek version of Macys.) I thought "Wow, low tech AT, packaged, ready to go, and reasonably priced." I picked them up, walked around with them for a while, and then since, I didn't really have anyone that needed a mouth stick or head pointer right now, I put them back a took a picture with my phone, so I could look them up on the web. Whoa! Low tech BONANAZA!
Check out the "Lite Bite" for less than $3, on one site. I'm sure with a little putty these could hold just about anything.

Next up, the Headband, looks like it would be great for kids learning eye-gaze, or as a selection tool on its own. My son participates in ART (Artistic Realization Technologies, and they use a tool similar to this to guide their painting. Use a laser pointer and your student or child could entertain the cat for hours!

I used to buy something very similar to these from the Danmar catalog ( The neoprene sleeve might not allow a lot of flexibility in what you can put in it, but I'll bet whatever you put stays in these cool tools!
(A quick word about Danmar, they also sell a really neat clear chest support for people who use wheel chairs, my son, (Polo) has one, and it never messes up his rock star outfits!)

They do not sell direct on their site, but provide links to sites that do, also check out their lighted products like balls and Frisbees. Way cool!

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